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Regarding the Indians at the San Fernando Mission. What did they eat? Did they have any freedom? Did they live with their families? Did they have any leisure time and what did they do with that leisure time?

My son took a picture of what appears to be a coat of arms found above the front door of the church at Mission San Fernando Rey. At the top is a red hat with red rope and 15 red tassels stacked in a pyramid form surrounding a shield with a sword through t

Did the statues of Faith, Hope and Charity at Mission Santa Barbara disappear in 1870. Were they ever returned?

Lynn Bremer of the Mission Archive-Library provided the answer. Her research indicates that these precious religious artifacts did not disappear. Ms. Bremer informed Pentacle Press that "What remained of them after the 1925 earthquake, are in the Mission Museum."

"Faith had disappeared before the first photo of the Mission was taken in 1860's. Hope fell apparently during the earthquake, and Charity and St. Barbara were severely damaged and had to be removed. New statues were made (not copies) to take their places."

I'm looking for is a print of the musical "hand" from San Antonio de Padua.

We did extensive photographs of that splendid mission in both 2003 and 2004. I am enclosing an image of the hand. To facilitate an appreciation of the hand this was placed by us on a black background. The actual hand is painted on the graying and weather-beaten wall of the mission museum.

[inline:qahand.jpg=Musical "hand" from San Antonio de Padua]

Where I can get a print of the beautiful Indian Stations of the Cross paintings at Mission San Gabriel?

I agree with your assessment of these magnificent paintings. A study of them made in 1997 concluded that they were probably done in the 1820s by more than one artist and could have been based on a set of engravings that Mission San Gabriel had obtained from Mexico in 1771. They were actually painted by Indians from the nearby mission of San Fernando Rey.