Mission Games and Toys

What games did the people or kids play in the missions?

Many of the most popular games used sticks. Mission La Purisima reenacts a game called WAURI at the Mission Life Days that are held there. They use seven sticks (sometimes the neophytes used up to 12 sticks) which they throw in the air. The kids who are playing have to memorize the position of the sticks. The pile of sticks is then covered with a cloth and the participants draw what the pile looked like. Whoever is closest wins. Adults played this game with larger sticks, and often bet on the results.

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Did the Indians play any games that were like foodball or baseball?

The Indians played many "Field" games. The "balls" were made of natural material, stuffed animal skins, natural wooden knots, polished stones, hemp etc. Shinny games in which the ball or puck is moved with a stick were quite common.There were many variations but these were team games (with three to ten players, typically) with rules and an object (to get the ball past the other team, through posts or into a hole.