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Could you please send me some info about visitng the San Fernando mission?

The San Fernando Rey mission is located in the middle of the triangle formed by Interstate 5, Interstate 405, and the Simi Valley Freeway (California 118) at the North end of the San Fernando Valley, to the North of Los Angeles. Navigate to this area and find your way to Sepulveda Blvd. heading North. Turn right at San Fernando Mission Blvd. just past where Sepulveda crosses under the 118 Freeway. The mission is a short distance on the left at 15151 San Fernando Mission Blvd.

Is there an annual pass that allows you to get in to all the California missions?

There is no annual pass. The missions are individual entities that set their own schedules and entry fees. Most are active catholic churches where there is no fee for entering the church for mass but where there is a fee for entering the mission grounds and completing a full tour. Entry is usually through a mission gift shop. The missions which are state parks (for example, La Purisima) also have an entrance fee.