Is there a cemetery plot map for the San Antonio de Padua mission?

You are fortunately to have known your Grandmother and to remember so much about her background. I don’t know whether you have attempted a genealogical search but that would be the normal starting point. Here are a few Internet links:

• The California Genealogical Society and Library in Oakland has tremendous resources. Their telephone is 510-663-1358. You should probably check out their Internet site first at

• One of the most extensive resources for tracing ancestors (of all faiths) is maintained by the Mormon church. Go to their ancestor hunt, which is free, at:

• There are also services that will let you try to find relatives by providing details on a special site and an email possible “cousins” can use to contact you. Check out:

There is a Plot map for the entire San Antonio de Padua Mission complex but I don’t think there is a plot for the cemetery (i.e. showing who is buried where). You can call the mission to ask about this.

There are definitely extensive mission records showing births, deaths, marriages etc. Most of the mission era records are now centralized at the Santa Barbara Mission Archive Library. However the dates you mention are well after the mission era and you may make more progress with a general search. It will be helpful for you to know the specific place in California where your grandmothers parents were born.

At the end of 19th century when you grandmother was a young lady, there was a surge of interest in the missions and several novels, plays and movies were made, the most famous of which was Ramona. It was written by Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1885). Indian rights activist and author wrote a novel named Romana. It became the basis of an outdoor play, the Ramona Pageant held each spring since 1923. These publications stimulated interest in finding the “real” location for the various events in Ramona’s life. I thought of this when you mentioned your grandmothers stories about “Ramonia.)

I hope this information is of some help to you in your search. Good luck.

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