What products are made at the mission,what are they made from,and what are they used for?

Today the missions primarily consist of a restored church (which sometimes serves as a parish church) and few additional buildings. The only mission which has most of the workshops where products were made is La Purisima, which consists of over 20 buildings. They give demonstrations there of candle making (made from the tallow of cows), weaving (using wool), woodworking, a blacksmith shop (where they forged products like nails and tools).

In the mission era the primary products were wheat, corn and other products grown in the mission fields, fruit (primarily in the south) and products made from cattle and sheep. The most lucrative product was a dried cattle hide, called Yankee Dollars. Traders in ships from Massachusetts, New York and other eastern states purchased or traded goods for these items. The cattle hides were made into shoes.