Is there a site I may visit to label who the saints are in the artwork at Mission Carmel?

Some of the most notable statues and paintings at Carmel include:

•The statuary in the beautiful reredo on the back wall of the sanctuary. The bultos include: Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, San Miguel Arcangel, San Antonio de Padua and Santo Dominic.

•There is also a statue of San Carlos Borromeo (with the Holy Spirit carved above) near the top of this reredo.•A bulto of San Jose is enclosed within an ornate ‘nicho’ along the side wall of the church.•The bulto of Our Lady of Belen (in the old mortuary chapel) is historically very significant as it was brought to Califonia with the founding expedition in 1769.•The painting of Junipero Serra in the Carmel Mission Museum is a copy of the frontispiece engraving from Palou’s 1797 biography

Regarding sources on saints. is a master list of patron saints. A Franciscan supported site would also be a good one to check as the Franciscans selected most of the art. extensive lists and some images of saints and angels. A gentleman from Australia has pulled together an easy to navigate site featuring information on saints:

That said, I have to express some skepticism on how easy it will be to identify all of your pictures using any master collection of information and images on saints. There are over ten thousand saints so it could be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

You might want to consider scheduling an appointment with the Carmel mission curator or mission museum librarian to help identify the images in your collection.