Junipero Serra

Where can I purchase a statue of Fr. Junipero Serra?

Unfortunately we do not carry any statues of the Blessed Serra. The Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo was selling a 2 foot high "gray wash" concrete statue of Fr. Serra last year. I don’t know whether they have any left, or whether you were searching for something smaller and / or in metal. You can call the school at: (650) 573-6638.

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Who made the wonderful statues of Junipero Serra that are at so many of the missions?

Many of the mission – and scores of other locations in California - have statues of Fr. Serra identical to the one pictured here, which sits in front of the entrance to the Padre’s Wing at Mission Santa Barbara.


These life-sized statues were funded by the William H. Hannon Foundation. William H. Hannon was a Southern California real estate developer. He arranged to have a hundred statues erected at various locations in California that were important in the life Junipero Serra. (One statue was placed outside California, at St. Louis University.)

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