Native Americans of San Rafael

After the establishment of San Rafael in 1817, several hundred neophytes from San Francisco de Asis (Mission Dolores) were moved to this "hospital" mission so their health could be restored. Some stayed at San Rafael, which contributed to the diverse background of the neophytes there. [inline:sr-10-web.jpg=INDIANS UNDER INSTRUCTION]


After San Rafael was given full mission status, it recruited Indians from the Eastern Miwok (whose villages extended from Sausalito up to Bodega Bay) and from the Pomo (whose land extended to the north of the Miwok). Researchers have found that the San Rafael and San Francisco Solano together baptized "at least 600 Pomoans." [fn]"Eastern Miwok" by Richard Levy pp 398413-425; "Western Pomo and Northeastern Pomo" by Lowell John Bean and Dorothea Theodoratus pp 289-305 in Volume 8 CALIFORNIA of Handbook of North American Indians, Smithsonian Institute: Washington D.C., 1978[/fn] [inline:sr-05miwok-making-chemuck.jpg=MIWOK MAKING CHEMUCK]

MIWOK MAKING CHEMUCK (a kind of stew) By J.D. Smillie
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