About Us

The California Missions Resource Center website was first developed in 2003 by David J. McLaughlin, author of Soldier, Scoundrels, Poets & Priests: Stories of the Men and Women Behind the California Missions and The California Mission Source Book which he authored with Dr. Ruben G. Mendoza.  

The purpose of the site is to provide interesting, useful and accessible information about all aspects of the twenty-one California Missions.

Mr. McLaughlin and Pentacle Press underwrote the entire cost of the development and major update of the website. They also continue to provide a substantial amount of the website’s annual operating costs.  The website sells Pentacle Press products through a link to the company’s store.  Product sales partially defray the website’s operating costs.  However, the primary focus of the website is education.  All items sold on the website are intended to expand and enhance understanding and appreciation of the California Missions.  These publications are also for sale at many of the Mission gift shops.  

We appreciate your visit and your interest in the California Missions.