(Print) Teacher’s Resource Package



This new offering includes the key products that teachers tell us they find most useful in classroom sessions. We are providing these at less than half of their retail price.

  • Set of Key Fact Sheets – Perfect for the classroom, this set features laminated sheets for each mission (printed front and back), plus a fact sheet for San Antonio de Pala (the only restored asistencia), and a page with mission statistics.
  • California Missions Timeline – This engaging timeline begins in 1768, when the Spanish began planning a five-part expedition to settle what they called Alta California and extends through 1853 when Archbishop J.S. Alemany filed a petition for the return of all former mission land, a process that would take decades to resolve. 6.5″ x 7.25″ unfolding panels highlight the important dates, significant events and intriguing facts in each of nine major eras, beginning with the Founding Era 1768-1770. The timeline also includes a map of Alta California, showing the location of all 21 missions, 4 presidios (forts) and 3 pueblos (free standing towns) established during the mission era. A special panel details the fate of each mission after secularization. The California Missions’ Timeline contains 11 original mission event drawings by A.B. Dodge and Alexander Harmer, colorized for this product.
  • Collector Cards (box set) – These Collector Cards feature full color photographs plus essential facts on each mission. Cards measure 2.5″ by 3.5″ (trading card size). Twenty-three double-sided cards in the set include one card for each of the 21 missions, plus a map card showing names and locations of all the missions, presidios and pueblos, and a card showing the cattle brands of the missions.

The Teacher’s Resource Package consists of three printed products.