Zacatecan Franciscans Arrive

1833 - 1833

01-15-1833 – Eight (8) Zacatecan Franciscans (from México) arrive in Monterey to replace the Spanish-born Franciscans in the northern missions.

08-17-1833 – The Mexican legislative assembly passes a Secularization Decree. The process is largely unfair to the Indians.

1833 – A pueblo de indios (a special town for former Mission Indians) was established near San Juan Capistrano Mission. However, there were too few Indians to sustain a viable town and this experiment was subsequently dissolved and the land distributed to the remaining Indians and settlers.

1833-1836 – Missions are secularized. Administrators are appointed. Many emancipated neophytes leave. Tradesmen, vaqueros, and some others prosper but most become field hands or servants. Some neophytes join other Indian people in the interior.

Mission Santa Bárbara1833-1846Santa Bárbara becomes headquarters of the mission chain.