1834 - 1834

1834-1835 – One of many schemes to manage former mission land includes the Hijar-Padres Colony, under which some 300 educated individuals (teachers, artisans, medical attendants, etc.) would receive large grants of mission land and twenty-one (21) Administrators from their ranks would oversee the Indians. Most of the colonists made it to Alta California but the scheme is never implemented.

1834-1835 – Richard Henry Dana served as a crew member of the Pilgrim, collecting hide and tallow, and visiting the missions and presidios, and keeping a diary.

05-24-1835 – Most of the neophytes leave Mission Soledad after it is secularized and the last priest, Fr. Vicente Francisco de Sarría, dies. The former mission is used as a ranch house for a number of years, and then falls into ruin, and is abandoned for over a century.