Founding of San Juan Capistrano

1776 - 1776

01-04-1776 – A group of 240 colonists and over 1,000 animals arrive at San Gabriel, destined for Monterey and the San Francisco Presidio. Eight (8) babies are born on the trail on the way from Tubac.

California is transferred from direct control of the Viceroy in Mexico City to the northern military command of the Interior Provinces, headed by Teodoro de Croix.

09-17-1776 – Presidio of San Francisco is established under the direction of Lieutenant José Joaquin Moraga. In addition to a Presidio, the Spanish reinforce their presence in the Bay Area with missions and a pueblo as the importance of the harbor of San Francisco becomes apparent.

10-1776 – Mission San Diego de Alcalá is rebuilt.

10-09-1776 – Mission San Francisco de Asis, popularly known as Mission Dolores, is founded.

11-01-1776 – The seventh mission, San Juan Capistrano, is founded.